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We retail and guarantee high quality silver, period silver plate, objects d’art, collectables and antiques.

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Please visit us on the lower ground floor (at unit 125) of Grays Antiques Market,
located on Davies Street in the heart of Mayfair – adjacent to Bond Street Underground Station.

What is Silver?

Silver is a fantastic substance that has lots of unique properties. It's properties include an outstanding ability to conduct electricity with minimum resistance, it has superb heat conducting properties and it also has toxic effects on certain bacteria, virus', algae and fungi!

Click here to find out more about this amazing metal.


We have many high quality pieces of antique silver that were made by the hands of well known silversmiths. The ability of the earlier silversmiths to produce such outstanding and complicated pieces is amazing. Creating such pieces wasn't an easy task and as such many methods were employed.

Click here to learn about silversmiths and the techniques they use.

British Hallmarks

Hallmarks have been part of the industry and used for silver pieces since the late 13th century. The story of British Hallmarks is an interesting one and deserves to be told. If you don't know your Sterling Silver from your Britannia Silver then this article will help you understand the British Hallmarking system.

Click here to learn more about British Hallmarks.

Cleaning Silver

It's always a pleasure to see a gleaming piece of silver but cleaning silver too often isn't good. Find out how to keep your silver in tip top condition without risking the heartache of rubbed hallmarks.

'The only time silver should be polished is just before it is handed over to the client' ~ Silversmith Paul de Lamerie

Click here to read more about looking after your antique silver.

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